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Health, Culture and Development

 Health, Culture and Development

Descripton of the Research Group

In this research group, knowledge about health, culture and development is articulated using an interdisciplinary and multidimensional perspective via different approaches and interfaces: analysis of representations, behaviours, individual, collective organizational and environmental health policies and practices; research of issues related to interculturalism, migration, gender, intergenerationality, violence and the promotion of individual, family, social and community development andhealth; study of the relationship between medical fields (official and alternative) and lay rationalities; research on processes and methodologies of information, education and health communication, as well as the promotion of skills and intercultural strategies and participation, literacy and communication inhealth.

Research Group

Coordinator: Maria Natália Pereira Ramos

Alcinda Reis

Ana Cristina de Spínola Costa Maymone Madeira

Ana Isabel Mateus Silva

Ana Karina Campos Moreira da Costa Santos

Helena Isabel Borges Manuel

João Paulo Vieira Rodrigues

Joaquim João Casimiro Gronita

Luís de Oliveira Nabais

Lyria Maria dos Reis

Maria da Conceição Pereira Ramos

Maria Helena de Carvalho Valente Presado

Maria Salete Calvinho

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