Women’s Studies

 Womens Studies

Descripton of the Research Group

Women’s studies have asserted themselves in the academic field, both nationally and internationally. The research group has been guided by the following objectives: the historically-contextualised (re)definition of the social relations between men and women and within each of these categories; women’s education, training, work and mobility; the gender/ethnicity link questioning intracultural and intercultural differences and their relationship with both migratory movements and the construction of colonial and post-colonial systems; the building processes of identities and subjectivities and their relationship with the phenomena of resistance and/or consent in relation to hegemonic socio-cultural situations; the problematisation and re-signification of fundamental research categories and concepts.

Research Group

Coordinator: Maria Teresa Valente Pinto

Anabela Salvado Diogo

Teresa Maria da Conceição Joaquim

Atualizado: 12/05/2014