Migrations and Cultural Diversities

 Migrations and Cultural Diversities

Descripton of the Research Group

This group undertakes scientific research with particular emphasis on sociology, anthropology, demography and history, with the purpose of producing new knowledge in the field of national and international migrations, intercultural relations, social and cultural identities and diversities. It also aims to contribute to the broad debate regarding social transformation and new paradigms of migratory phenomena. It prioritises a multi-disciplinary and comparative analysis which focusses on a range of themes, such as multiculturalism, citizenship, mobility, integration and social change; transnationalism and diaspora; cultural expressions, identities and memories, social and spatial separation, racism and social inequality.

Research Group

Coordinator: Lúcio Manuel Gomes de Sousa

Ana Paula Beja Horta

Ana Paula dos Santos Cordeiro

António Graça

Bárbara Maria Granês Gonçalves Bäckström

Carlos Jorge dos Santos Sousa

Domingos José Alves Caeiro

Elsa Maria Valadas Casimiro

Maria Beatriz Pinto de Sousa Rocha-Trindade

Maria Isabel da Conceição João

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