Mónica de Jesus Clara Costa

Nome: Mónica de Jesus Clara Costa
Email: monicacost@gmail.com
Grau Académico: Doutoramento
Categoria Profissional: Outra carreira/categoria no setor público
Instituição: Curtin University of Technology (Australia)
Grupo de Investigação: Estudos sobre as Mulheres
Area de Investigação: Economia e Estudos das Mulheres

Principais publicações

(2019), Monica Costa and Marian Sawer. “A thorny path to a more inclusive discipline”, in Sawer, Marian and Baker, in Kerryn (Eds.) Gender Innovation in Political Science: New Norms, New Knowledge, Palgrave Macmillan;

(2018), Costa, M.. Gender responsive budgeting in Fragile States: The case of Timor-Leste. London & New York: Routledge;

(2018), Costa, M, Austen, S. and R. Sharp, “A strategy to understand the nexus between gender analysis and policy”, WiSER working paper series, Australia;

(2017), Costa, M., and R. Sharp. “Budgetary policy, gender equality and the politics of change in Timor-Leste.” In Women and the Politics of Gender in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste: Between Heaven and Earth Niner, S., 113-128 Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge;

(2016), Costa, M.. “Gender-focused institutions in international parliamentary bodies: The case of the women’s caucus of the parliamentary assembly of the Portuguese-speaking countries.Parliamentary Affairs 69 (4): 748-762;

(2013), Austen, S., M. Costa, R. Sharp, and D. Elson. “Expenditure Incidence Analysis: A Gender-Responsive Budgeting Tool for Educational Expenditure in Timor-Leste?. Feminist Economics 19: 1-24;

(2013), Costa, M., M. Sawer, and R. Sharp. “Women acting for women: Gender-responsive budgeting in Timor-Leste. International Feminist Journal of Politics 15 (3): 333-352;

(2012), Costa, M. D. C., S. Austen, D. Elson, and R. Sharp. “Public Expenditure Incidence Analysis: A gender-responsive budgeting tool for educational expenditure in Timor-Leste?.” In International Association For Feminist Economics Annual Conference, Jun 27, Barcelona, Spain.